An open, regional initiative aimed at extending
and enhancing cooperation and contacts among scientific,
industrial and business circles interested in nanotechnology
in a broad sense and its applications.

The essence of the forum is to initiate the development of state-of-the-art, technologically advanced manufacturing activities based on the potential of the research teams dealing with nanotechnology operating in the Pomorze and Wielkopolska regions. One of the basic forum goals is to exchange experiences and articulate common needs of people dealing with advanced technologies in businesses and academic centres in the area covered by the forum.

The forum formula allows the forum participants on a full partnership basis to:

  • establish new and strengthen the existing bonds between business and scientific circles;
  • intensify the development of businesses dealing with nanotechnology;
  • cooperate in order to facilitate business operations of technologically advanced companies;
  • support such research directions which will have the greatest importance in terms of application;
  • stimulate economic revival resulting from a synergy of joint actions of high technology companies and scientific circles interested in the areas in which those companies are operating;
  • propagate solutions favourable to the environment, saving raw materials and energy;
  • acquire funds for the development of advanced technologies;
  • use the European Union funds in an optimised way;
  • lobby for development of nanotechnology on a regional (Pomorze and Wielkopolska) and nationwide scale;
  • ensure a free flow of knowledge and information among various parties associated by the forum;
  • use the knowledge of the circles dealing with nanotechnology on a commercial basis;
  • implement solutions developed by research centres and companies dealing with advanced technologies;
  • support the mobility of academic staff and students, coordinate internships in nanotechnology companies;
  • popularize nanotechnology achievements in the society on a wide scale.

The above outlined goals are the reason why the forum operates in four areas:

  • scientific - at universities, in scientific institutions and research centres where both theoretical and experimental basic research focused on development and creation of state-of-the-art technologies is conducted;
  • technological - in companies using technologically advanced functional materials and instruments based on nanotechnology;
  • commercial - facilitating companies and science circles to sell products and knowledge;
  • educational - popularizing nanotechnology in schools, acquiring candidates for studies at nanotechnological and related fields and majors of study.

Forum Scientific Board:

  • J. Chajda, Kalisz,
  • R. Czajka, Poznań,
  • M. Dudek, Zielona Góra,
  • N. Guskos, Szczecin,
  • W. Kempiński, Odolanów,
  • U. Narkiewicz, Szczecin,
  • J. Ratajski, Koszalin,
  • J. Rybicki, Gdańsk (Secretary) - contact,
  • W. Sadowski, Gdańsk (Chairman) - contact,
  • T. Stręk, Poznań,
  • K. W. Wojciechowski, Poznań.

Coordinator of relations with business and local government circles:

  • dr inż. L. Wicikowski, Gdańsk - contact

Coordinator of relations with educational institutions:

  • prof. dr hab. inż. L. Murawski, Gdańsk - contact

Advisory Committee:

  • P. Gepner (INTEL Technology, Poland),
  • A. Gołyga (Jabil),
  • B. Grzybowski (ProChimia),
  • W. Kucharski (YDP Poland),
  • Z. Kozicki (Flextronix),
  • J. Mioduski (Techno-Service S.A.),
  • A. Synowiecki (Radmor).

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